Snow all year round
17/03/2018 - 23/03/2018

Free la Skieda

After twenty-two editions, the Skieda in Livigno, the international appointment par excellence for all lovers of Telemark skiing, is back where it started with a counter-trend proposal, as original as it is engaging, for all telemarkers. “We have spent the past few months wondering if there was any point in offering something tried and tested, a popular winning format that, however, just like a long successful marriage, needed new ideas, new sensations and new input. But we are not able and do not want to look for these alone. As always, we need your help, your ideas, your spirit because, and there’s really no need to reiterate this, YOU ARE LA SKIEDA!!  Our proposal is quite simple: TELEMARKERS, MAKE YOUR OWN SKIEDA or, better, FREE LA SKIEDA!! Our SKIEDA.COM website and social media pages are open to your proposals, but, unlike in the past, you are the ones who must conceive and build your own projects. All your ideas will create a programme that will grow day by day, so that everyone knows what will happen, when, how and where.” This is the incredible idea dreamt up by the organisers. Now all you need to do is launch your ideas and ensure we FREE LA SKIEDA!

Find out more about Free la Skieda 2017 here



Food and drink

Enjoy Valtellina bresaola Delicious, healthy cured beef, guaranteed by PGI marking, compliant with strict production rules and regulations and respect for tradition. Taste PGI apples from Valtellina, Golden Delicious, Red Delicious and Gala, excellent products with all the characteristics of mountain apples: crunchy, fragrant, aromatic and juicy. Discover the flavour of Bitto cheese, with all the aroma of mountain grass or savour Valtellina Casera cheese, a semi-fat dairy product with ancient tradition.