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Discover Valtellina ski areas: 400 kilometers of downhill ski-slopes, 200 kilometers of cross country skiing, snow-parks and baby parks in the heart of the Alps. In Livigno, Bormio, Santa Caterina Valfurva, Madesimo, Chiesa Valmalenco, Aprica and Valgerola: there are plenty of tourist resorts where you can enjoy sport surrounded by picturesque panoramic views. Choose the best ski instructors from the many qualified ski schools throughout the whole valley and then relax in one of the pubs and ski restaurants high on a mountainside. There are also snow-parks and special areas for snowboarders. Lovers of cross country skiing can select from among 200 kilometers of trails and 50 rental shops. Skiing in #Valtellina is simply #wonderful!

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Val Gerola

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Val Gerola (1050 m a.s.l.) was an ancient settlement of migrants from the Val Brembana and the Valsassina that came here for cattle breeding and iron mining. This valley is the undisputed homeland of the famous Bitto cheese – Dop-labelled and Slow Food presidium – which takes its name from the torrent that crosses it and gets down to Morbegno. The trails and routes of the Valgerola-Pescegallo skia rea are suitable for all ski mountaineering, Nordic skiing, snowboard and snow shoes lovers. The Valgerola is part of the Regional Park of the Orobie Valtellinesi (the slope of the Bergamasque Alps belonging to Valtellina) thanks to its rich unspoilt nature. Visit the Eco-museum in Gerola Alta and the “camera picta” (painted room) in Pirondini Street in Sacco, which contains a series of frescos of the XV Century representing one of the most beautiful picture of the “Homo Salvadego”, the typical inhabitant of these mountain valleys and symbol of the alpine country culture. Visit also the church of S. Bartolomeo, which has been known since 1307, and the oratory of the Confratelli (XVIII c.), as well as the very many churches and aediculae situated in the different hamlets. Enjoy nature on the paths and mule-tracks in summertime or try the suspense of flying hung on a steel cable with “Fly Emotion”.

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Valgerola Ski Area

Info Skiarea

  • Slopes (km): 12
  • Black slopes: 2
  • Red slopes: 1 
  • Blue slopes: 3 
  • Difference in altitude: 1450 – 1950
  • Lifts: 2


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€ 12
€ 19
2 days
€ 24
€ 38
3 days
€ 36
€ 55

Societa Impianti

  1. Ski area Val Gerola

    Loc. Pescegallo
    Gerola alta
    Tel: +39 0342 690013 


  1. Enjoyski school scuola sci

    Via Roma 8
    Gerola alta
    Tel: + 39 348 2292617  / +39 0342 613246

  2. Scuola sci Pescegallo

    Loc. Pescegallo
    Gerola alta
    Tel: +39 0342 690014 / +39 334 6575540

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Food and drink

Enjoy Valtellina bresaola Delicious, healthy cured beef, guaranteed by PGI marking, compliant with strict production rules and regulations and respect for tradition. Taste PGI apples from Valtellina, Golden Delicious, Red Delicious and Gala, excellent products with all the characteristics of mountain apples: crunchy, fragrant, aromatic and juicy. Discover the flavour of Bitto cheese, with all the aroma of mountain grass or savour Valtellina Casera cheese, a semi-fat dairy product with ancient tradition.

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