Let yourselves be captured by the unmissable flavour of Valtellina cheeses: from the high mountain pastures, where the animals graze freely, come unique products like Bitto, Casera and Scimudin, all with PDO marking.  Discover the aroma of herbs from the high mountains with Bitto PDO, mild if eaten in the same year it is produced, sharper as it matures. In the valley bottom, taste Valtellina Casera PDO, a semi-fat cheese that gets its name from the place it is made and matured, the “casera”, it is perfect with pizzocheri, the main traditional dish locally, or for making sciatt, round buckwheat fritters and taragna polenta. Finally, add a third to your cheese experience with Scimudin, a Coldiretti farmers’ association “Flag of Taste” in 2014. With its delicate, fresh milk taste, it is the most classic of “homemade” cheeses. Also try other historic products such as Latteria and Ricotta.


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