Make sure to see the mills in Valtellina, real museums of industrial archaeology, built in the artisan areas close to some of the most characteristic villages. Visit Mulino Moro di Bottonera in Chiavenna, now turned into a museum, or Mulino del Dosso di Rasura, built in 1836 and still working today. Real testimony to traditions that are still very much alive, the mills tell the story of local families and life in the countryside in Valtellina. If you are in  Grosotto, visit Molino Osmetti, while in Montagna in Valtellina you will find Mulino di Ca' Zoia and Ca' Mazza, an interesting example of a mill powered by the archaic system of a horizontal waterwheel. Also visit Mulino Menaglio in San Rocco di Teglio, just 20 minutes on foot from the town centre.

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