Discover the marvellous mountain tops in Valtellina, from the Bernina group to Monte Disgrazia, from 13 peaks over 3,200 meters high to the Gran Zebrù and the Cevedale. The mountains of Valtellina have always been at the center of memorable climbs and are very popular among Alpine mountain climbers. Admire the northern slope of Pizzo Badile in Val Masino. If you love heights, challenge your limits on Monte Disgrazia, a marvellous 3,600-metre high peak between Val Masino and Valmalenco. The Bernina mountain range (over 4,000 masl) is in Valmalenco. Other peaks you should visit include Pizzo Tresero, in Valfurva, Cima Piazzi in Valdidentro and Gran Zebrù (3,851 masl), a peak for the most expert mountaineers. Mountaineering in #Valtellina is simply #wonderful!

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