Paragliding and hang-gliding


Enjoy nature while “flying”. Paragliding in Valtellina is an exciting adventure. There are plenty of places where you can take-off, and then all you have to do is glide in the wind in complete silence and admire the outstanding views. An interesting challenge is the wind called “Breva”, which blows from Lake Como up to Alta Valtellina. You can take off in Carnale, near Sondrio, 1250 meters above sea level, and land at the bottom of the valley. Or you can start from Cima Bianca (3000 masl) and land in Bormio, after an 1800-metre vertical drop. There are also plenty of opportunities in Livigno and Valchiavenna. Many paragliders take off at Premorel (1165 masl) or Monte Fariolo (2030 masl) and land in San Cassiano. And, finally, we recommend you to try the tandem paragliders together with an expert instructor.  Fliying in Valtellina is #wonderful!

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