Feel your adrenaline flowing when you snowboard down on Valtellina slopes. Get down with free-style skiing in snow-parks and in the wide specially-designated areas where you can perform all the tricks you have ever dreamed of. The snow-parks are full of ramps and platforms: rails, boxes, kickers and half pipes. In Livigno there are two snow-parks with varying levels of difficulty. There are three parks in Bormio, and in Aprica there is an area with kickers and boxes of varying lengths. Try a 4-metre-long flat rail in Chiesa in Valmalenco or two 1-metre flat kickers in Madesimo, and then go on testing your skills with even more difficult tricks. Thanks to a small snow-park on the Stelvio glacier, the fun of snowboarding in #Valtellina continues in summer too: really #wonderful!

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