Terraced vineyards

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From Morbegno to Tirano along the terraced vineyards


The Via dei Terrazzamenti is the 70 kilometre pedestrian path that links Morbegno and Tirano, at an altitude of between 300 and 700 metres, halfway up the Rhaetian slopes, characterised by their terraced vineyards and a valuable cultural heritage.

Along the way there are 40 rest areas with benches, bike rests and panels giving information about nearby artistic heritage sites.

The Berbenno-Teglio stage is one of the most picturesque, particularly during the wine harvest in late September or early autumn, when the vines start to turn red.

rest areas

Along the Via dei Terrazzamenti there are 40 rest areas with benches and bike racks, at wonderful points along the terraced vineyards. These areas have signs giving updated detailed information about fine artistic and historic sights nearby, easy to reach on foot by those using the trail.