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The Via dei Terrazzamenti or terrace trail is on the Rhaetian slopes of the lower and middle Valtellina, and it has its own cycle and walking path. This is the most typical zone of the Valtellina farming area, with distinctive terraced vineyards and historical buildings of great artistic, civil and religious value and interest, strongly characteristic and with a wealth of symbolic importance.

The vineyards face south on dry-walled terraces dug out of the steep, rocky mountain slope and the bare rock surrounding these small shelves of earth increases the heat of the sun. The terraced vineyard is a highly valuable landscape feature in this area, and is also important from a farming and historical point of view.

The area has very homogeneous artistic, naturalistic and ethnographic characteristics, having been densely populated in the past. It has a fairly interesting cultural legacy, made up of churches, some even quite large, which house interesting works of art (especially wooden inlay and frescoes, from the Rinascimento and Baroque periods). 

Stopping areas:

Along the terrace trail there are 40 stopping areas with benches and bike racks, at wonderful points along the terraced vineyards. These areas have signs giving updated detailed information about fine artistic and historic sights nearby, easy to reach on foot by those using the trail.

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