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Alberto Contador Foundation: Kometa Cycling Team


The Kometa cycling team was created from the Under 23 and Junior teams of the Alberto Contador Foundation. The Foundation is the brainchild of the Spanish cycling champion and his brother Fran and has two closely linked objectives: thefight against strokes and other illnesses and the promotion of the sport of cycling, primarily to young people, also as a way to reduce the risk ofillness. 
The Foundation aims to imbue young people with the necessary skills to participate in cycling as a sport (also at a professional level) and a range of values, such as honesty, respect, the spirit of sacrifice and the importanceof good nutrition.

Valtellina Supports Kometa Cycling Team

Valtellina, with Stelvio, Gavia, Mortirolo and its other great climbs, is a not-to-be-missed destination for road cycling enthusiasts and fully sharesand supports the values the Contador Foundation instils in its riders.
The Valtellina logo will feature on the team’s jerseys for the entire 2020 season.  

Kometa, a pork and cured meats plantbased in Hungary and owned by the Pedranzini family from Bormio, are co-sponsors of the team: “We have chosen to support cycling because itis a sport that requires hard work, the spirit of sacrifice and tenacity,qualities that our ancestors had when they built our beloved Valtellina... “We decided to join forces with the Contador Foundation and Polartec because their project is truly unique. First and foremost, they are dedicated to helping young men grow into mature upstanding adults. They are also helping to create professional cyclists and – we hope – some champions!”

Valtellina is also present “in person” through the Italian champion Ivan Basso, who will be following the team personally along with Alberto Contador. Ivan was born in Bianzone, near Tirano.