Livigno Freeride Project

The city of Livigno has won the title of Best Freeride Resort, confirming that there is no better resort for riders wanting to enjoy a top speed experience on fresh snow.

The freeride project was started in Livigno. The objective is to make this sport increasingly safer.

Thanks to this initiative, every morning you will receive an update on the snow and weather conditions and can quickly check the My Livigno App to see if it is the right day for a freeride on pure snow.

To make sure you miss nothing, the freeride project is continually evolving, from creation of a Freeride map for backcountry activity to improvement of the communication system through use of screens and advertising poster, as well as implementation of the Heliski service, the installation of ARTVA check points and integrated risk management through artificial avalanche detachment programmes.

For beginners, low-risk zones have been created, the Freeride Approaching Areas, where riders can ski in fresh snow without the need for ARTVA, shovel or probe. This is a first, decisive step towards increasingly more exciting adventures.

Managed routes

Thanks to appropriate signage, you can go out on your own, with all the necessary off-piste equipment, however. It is important to remember and respect route rules:

Route rules:

  1. Check the local snow and weather conditions, which are easy to download with the My Livigno App
  2. Take self-rescue equipment with you: shovel, ARTVA and probe - these are obligatory. If you dont know how to use them, ask an Alpine Guide
  3. Always be prudent and aware. You are the only ones responsible for your adventure
  4. Go out in a group - its safer and more fun
  5. If you do not feel 100% safe, dont hesitate to ask an Alpine Guide, always available to lend a hand
  6. In the event of an accident, help your companion and call 112 as soon as possible

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The area of Livigno and the Alta Valtellina offers breath-taking views that make any off-piste skier happy. Reaching untouched slopes with all the excitement of a helicopter flight will add that something extra to your adventure. Heliski flights can be customised. Organising a group outing means splitting the cost and saving money, greater safety and more fun. Remember the essentials before you set out: skipass, skiing equipment (telemark skis, skis or snowboard), backpack with ABS, ARTVA, shovel and probe. If you dont have an ABS, you can rent one for just 10 euros.

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Freeride Events

Take these ingredients: the best freeriders, the most wonderful natural places, the most exciting pubs in the city centre all non-stop for four days. We are talking about the European Freeride Festival: paradise on earth for all freeriders. Freeriding for all is the event motto and it gives everyone the chance to enjoy the best that Livigno has to offer. Fresh snow, uncontaminated slopes and parties.

For more information www.europeanfreeridefestival.con/it 

Protected areas

Always remember that you are in a pure, uncontaminated natural area. Beyond the excitement of the fresh snow, you might be privileged enough to make an unexpected encounter. We are talking about the animals that live in this enchanted area. Elegant and shy, deer, hares, chamois, white partridges and black grouse could appear when you least expect them to.

Respecting the rules will make your adventure even more unique: 

  1. Respect the protected areas
  2. Stay off the slopes when its late and at night
  3. Should you see an animal, keep your distance and try not to make unexpected movements. 

Enjoy the spectacle.

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Other awards

The Skipass fair in Modena, from 29 October to 1 November 2015, saw Livigno awarded the prestigious prize as the best Italian freeride resort.

The gold medal of freeride Made in Italy is not its only award, with lots of others being won by skiers, events and structures in the resort. Bruno Mottini won "Best Male Freerider" and "Best Male Skier", Yuri Silvestri "Best Male Freeskier" and "Best Male Performance", La Skieda won the  "Best Freeride Event" category, the Mottolino came first as the "Best Beginners Park", "Best Special Obstacle", "Best Marketing" and "Best Event in Italia" with the Suzuki Nine Knights.