Vertemate Franchi Palace


Located in Prosto di Piuro, just 2 km from Chiavenna, Vertemate Franchi Palace is a Renaissance jewel that is well worth a visit. Built by the brothers Guglielmo and Luigi Vertemate Franchi during the second half of the sixteenth century, it is the only historic building that survived the landslide of 1618, which buried the village along with many of its inhabitants. Vertemate Palace has a simple, austere façade surrounded by charming, airy spaces, like the Italian-style garden. It also has an orchard, a vineyard, a chestnut grove and a series of rustic buildings that were used for the farming activities conducted on the estate. The palace’s interior features true wonders like the richly frescoed walls and vaulted ceilings, “Stue” (small wood-panelled rooms) and inlaid ceilings.