Salis Palace - Tirano


Built between 1600 and 1690, it was the residence of the noble Salis von Zizers family, governors and podestà of Valtellina from Grisons. Salis Palace has a late sixteenth-century style façade flanked by two towers, with a Baroque central portal based on the design of Vignola. The entrance leads into a beautiful Italian-style interior garden. The tour includes ten magnificently frescoed rooms that have been restored, which face a sixteenth-century rustic court known as the “Horse Court”.  The highlight of the restored rooms is the “Saloncello”, featuring a ceiling with impressive eighteenth-century frescoes. Other must-see rooms include the “Hall of Eight Wonders”, the “Turks Room”, the lovely “Olympus Study”, which contains antique books, the “Endymion Room”, the “Polychrome Ceiling Room”, the “Wood Ceiling Room” and the “Apollo and Aurora Room”, which is devoted to a nineteenth-century painter from Valtellina named Antonio Caimi.