Mazzo di Valtellina

A charming medieval village on the road from Tirano to Bormio 


Mazzo di Valtellina is on the state highway between Tirano and Bormio. The noble Venosta family is responsible for the medieval buildings, including the imposing Castel de Mazz, aka Castello di Pedenale. The ruins of the manor can be seen through the trees in the woods above the village and were once part of the complex defence system that was set up to guard the streets that connect with the Mortirolo Pass

The Pass is a key stage in the Giro d’Italia. Amateur cyclists should test themselves on the Pass at least once and imagine themselves neck in neck with some of cycling’s greats as they battle it out on the gruelling climb. 

On the lower slopes, the village gives way to apple orchards that don exquisite white robes in spring. In October, the nearby township of Villa di Tirano, holds the apple and grape festival, which features a rich calendar of events, music, local produce, performances, tours, and excursions showcasing two precious fruits of the local rural tradition.