Panoramica di Bormio

Bormio (1225 m a.s.l.), the ancient Count, also called the "Magnifica Terra" (“Wanderland”), owes its fortune to its geographical positon, a strategic corridor for transalpine communications. Nature, sport, snow, well-being, culture and flavours ...Where? In Bormio, of course. More than 50 kilometres of ski runs with good covering of snow in winter and the possibility to ski in summertime too within the fascinating environment of the Stelvio Pass (2758-3420 masl). The hot springs, known since the ancient Roman time, have been completely renovated with modern and professional plants and facilities to enhance the thousand-year-old ritual "salus per aquam". Moments of pure relax, as it already was at the beginning of the Twentieth Century at the Terme di Bormio and the nearby Bagni Vecchi and Bagni Nuovi thermal baths in Valdidentro. The whole area is part of the Stelvio National Park with its extraordinary unspoiled nature. The nearby Stelvio, Gavia and Mortirolo passes make this area a real paradise for all keen bikers. The most legendary pages of cycling were written here. Do not miss to visit the town centre of the "Magnifica Terra" situated in the heart of the Alps, walking through narrow old streets, among churches, villas and towers that tell us the splendours of the noble Count. The bound with ancient traditions is still strong thanks to the traditional events that the local community renews every year: the Pasquali and the Carneval di Mat.    


Attività di Bormio


Food and drink

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