Town and city breaks

Discovering the main towns and villages in Valtellina


When you think of Valtellina, the first image that comes to mind is that of a territory surrounded by nature, meadows, mountains and watercourses. However, this splendid valley also has much more to offer, especially for tourists who love to stroll through old town centres in pursuit of their real identity and for those wanting a nature holiday without having to totally give up services, entertainment, shopping and worldly comforts.

In addition to Sondrio, the province’s main town, other major towns are Chiavenna, Morbegno, Tirano, Bormio and Livigno. Together with these towns, along the valley bottom or clinging to mountainsides, you will find small villages that still have all the quaintness of yesteryear. Here you can go out and discover wonderful views, observe the heritage of history and enjoy the slow pace that these tiny places have preserved, where the old folk still meet in the piazzas and children still play in the street.