Other summer activities

Valtellina is a veritable open-air gym


Valtellina is the ideal setting for a wide range of physical activities, starting with climbing and mountaineering.


The main climbing walls are to be found in Val Masino, which is famous for being the climbing valley par excellence. With granite boulders of all shapes and sizes scattered about like rough diamonds, there is something for everyone, from absolute beginners to experts who want to test themselves on some of the more challenging routes, or even open new ones.

Sasso Remenno is a must. The biggest boulder in Europe, this monolithic giant measures over 1 million cubic metres and was once part of the Valle di Preda. Shepherds were the first to conquer it, expending an extraordinary amount of effort to etch stairs into its western face, which are still the easiest way to reach the top. 

At the end of the valley is Val di Mello, a “little Yosemite” for pro climbers who have left their mark on its massive granite walls. The sheer cliffs are internationally renowned for friction climbing. These are not climbs for the faint hearted and are quite possibly what makes Val di Mello such a Mecca for today’s climbers.

For more information, visit the official website of Val Masino


When granite just isn’t enough, mountaineering will take you to greater heights so you can conquer spectacular peaks that are the stuff of legends, from the Bernina range to Monte Disgrazia, the Tredici Cime, Gran Zebrù and Monte Cevedale. 

Mountaineering is incredibly nuanced. Each mountaineer brings to it their own personality, meaning and motivations. Some say it is more about the soul than the legs. The many refuges and Alpine guides of Valtellina promote mountaineering as a sport that offers closer contact with nature than any other. Contacting Guides will ensure your expedition is completely safe.


Moving from up above to down below, rather than the other way around, is what excites paragliders. In Valtellina there are innumerable launching spots that offer an exhilarating airborne flight over the stunning landscape. If, on the other hand, you would feel safer with four hooves planted firmly on the ground, then horse-riding might be just the thing for you. An infinite number of tracks wind through the province at various altitudes. You can ride from the banks of the Adda river on the valley floor through meadows, woodlands and Alpine pastures.