Other winter activities


Fat bike
For those wanting to enjoy a cycle ride through nature even in the winter, fat bikes offer a chance for safe cycling on the snow. Fun is guaranteed!


Move on the snow with the thrust of the wind and then fly suspended in mid-air on a kite. This is what happens when you combine kite surfing with snowboarding. In Valtellina you can find many places to practice this recently-born sport. In Valchiavenna - at Montespluga (near Madesimo) - there are gentle slopes and open spaces, an ice-covered lake and, of course, plenty of wind. Another good place for this sport is the Lago Bianco (2300 masl) just below the Bernina Pass. The best resorts for experts are the Bergamasque Alps, such as the Cima Lemma, which can be reached through the Val Lunga from the village of Tartano. If you are a skier or a snowboarder, but you have never tried flying on a snow kite, just ask an instructor in Valtellina. Get into the adventure: it's really #wonderful!

Are you looking for a new challenge? Then try biathlon in Valtellina! Biathlon is a mixture of cross-country skiing and rifle shooting. It requires dedicated slopes and special equipment, which you can find in Valtellina. Enjoy 25 kilometers of slopes and a modern shooting range in Valdidentro, as weel the new Biathlon Arena in Livigno.

Ice climbing
Try iceclimbing, a full immersion in the stillness of Valtellina’s wonderful landscapes. When the temperature drops, then torrents create beautiful, sculpture-likefrozen waterfalls. There are plenty of ice-climbing areas in Valtellina with varying levels of difficulty. Ask the alpine guides for their advice and suggestions to choose the ice-climbing route that is most suitable for your needs. 

Cars on ice
Driving on ice Experience the thrill of a rally on ice in Valtellina. Train your steering skills in a traffic cone stretch or your brakes on a track with hurdles at the equipped courses in Madesimo and Livigno or on snow trails in Alta Valle Spluga, Valchiavenna. Your fun tools will be sports cars with studded snow tyres. Try one of the driving courses to improve your technique and learn what to do in dangerous situations, such as understeering, oversteering, auto reverse and skid control. If you think you are not talented enough for this, you can enjoy watching the spectacular competitions with professional or amateur drivers.

Discover the snowy mountains of Valtellina on a snowmobile. Take this opportunity to test your skills, but also to learn – on your own or with an instructor – how to react in case of emergency on snowy or icy ground. Enjoy an exciting, unique experience, from Valchiavenna to Valmalenco, up to Livigno, where you can reach a panoramic area with a view on the entire valley and the lake: simply #wonderful.