Dog sledding

Dog sledding adventures


In Alaska? No, Upper Valtellina! Experience the exhilaration of dog sledding with a team of huskies in Arnoga (between Bormio and Livigno).

Instructors will teach you the commands and other important information so that you can be the musher for a 5-km sled ride on the mostly flat Decauville forest trail, which offers stunningly beautiful views.

Dog sledding in Valtellina is for everyone

Anyone aged 13 and over can drive the sled, and children aged 3-12 can ride with the instructors in a cosy sled bag. Up to 2-3 children can ride on the same sled. There is a maximum 8 adults and 5-6 children per excursion.

Participants can even bring their own dogs, as long as they are northern breeds.


In summer the Husky Village - Sleddog Ranch runs two types of excursions: husky trekking, where the musher wears a special rock-climbing harness attached to a husky to make trekking easier; and karts, which are two-wheeled sleds driven by huskies – like a summer version of dog sledding. 

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