If you are travelling around Valtellina, you absolutely must visit the local museums, with a wealth of ideas and interesting facts, they are a collection of artefacts testifying to history, art and local traditions. For example, the Valtellina Museum of History and Art in Sondrio, with seventeenth-century paintings and large canvases from the eighteenth century, including those by Pietro Ligari, the most important painter from Valtellina. Fit in a visit to the collegiate of San Lorenzo in Chiavenna, home to the Museum of Treasure, especially famous for the “Pace di Chiavenna” (Peace of Chiavenna), a valuable Gospel book cover from the twelfth century. The museum also has a huge collection of holy vestments and furnishings, as well as a rare eleventh-century musical codex. No less important are the ethnographic museums that will take visitors on a journey of discovery of popular traditions in Valtellina. A few examples? The Civic Museum in Bormio in the seventeenth-century Palazzo De Simoni, the Ethnographic Museum in Tirano. 

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