Cross-country skiing

For unparalleled cross-country ski adventures!


Winter sports differ wildly, but amongst those that let you explore the mountains at a slower pace while making sure you get a good, full-body workout, you’ll find cross-country skiing. Catering to everyone from experts and racers to beginners and pleasure-seekers, Valtellina is home to a huge number of XC ski routes with tracks that wind through mesmerising snowy landscapes. 

Cross-country ski tracks

There are around 30 km of Nordic ski trails in Livigno, which radiate around the town. Thanks to Livigno’s snow farming initiative, which conserves snow from the previous year in order to prepare and groom an early-season track, this resort is able to open as early as the end of October to the delight of national and international federations and teams who flock here to prepare for the upcoming season.

Staying in Alta Valtellina – this time closer to Bormio – you’ll find two other cross-country skiing hotspots: In the heart of the Stelvio National Park lies Santa Caterina Valfurva with an XC skiing portfolio that includes the Valtellina track, which has hosted a number of international races in the past; then there’s Valdidentro with its renowned biathlon centre and around 25 km of cross-country skiing tracks, including the Viola that flanks the river of the same name.

Valmalenco invites XC skiers to explore three distinct areas: from the loop around the spectacular Lago Palù to the track linking San Giuseppe with Chiareggio, not to mention Lanzada’s home track that’s illuminated once the sun goes down. For cross-country skiing in Aprica, look no further than the splendid Pian di Gembro Nature Reserve or Trivigno for well-groomed tracks. Both Madesimo and Campodolcino in Valchiavenna have circuits of roughly 5 km each with free admission. What’s more, cross-country skiing is still on the cards each summer at the Stelvio Pass.

Numerous ski schools and rental facilities can be found close by these tracks to ensure XC ski enthusiasts are well catered for.