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Enjoy the green heart in the middle of the Alps. More than half of #Valtellina is protected in a park or a natural reserve. The Stelvio National Park is an extraordinary area to visit. This is the biggest park in the Alps, where you can see deer, chamois, ibex, foxes, ermines and marmots – a place where eagles, hawks and bearded vultures fly high above your head. The Parco delle Orobie Valtellinesi is another valuable protected area. Its symbol is the wood grouse. Moreover, you can see bears living in the Osservatorio eco-faunistico in Aprica. In its "home" (25,000 sq. meters) there is a lake, a wood and a cave. Near Aprica, you should also visit the Riserva Natuale di Pian Gembro, where rare plants can be spotted. In the Riserva Naturale Val di Mello you can also enjoy beautiful views and immense rock walls made of ghiandone, a special kind of granite that is suitable for climbing. At the lower end of the Valtellina valley, the Riserva Naturale del Pian di Spagna hosts a wide variety of birds: #wonderful!

Discover Parks, natural reserves and other beautiful places