Tour of the cellars of Braulio

Discover the Bormio's best-known liqueur


Braulio Bitter Liqueur

Braulio is a famous Alpine digestive bitter liqueur comprising selected local herbs including yarrow, absinthe, gentian, juniper and a secret ingredient that only the proprietor knows. The recipe was perfected by Doctor Francesco Peloni in 1875.

The ageing process is unique in that it takes place in Slavonian oak barrels for two years (five for Braulio Riserva).

This 21-proof liqueur has perfectly balanced flavours and an incomparable aroma, making it the ideal digestif to complement the traditionally rich Valtellina cuisine.

Tour of the Braulio Cellars

Braulio is produced and left to age for up to three years in cellars that were purpose-built in the 19th and 20th centuries, located in the historic pedestrian street Via Roma in the centre of Bormio. The cellars house the large, much-prized Slavonian oak barrels where the liqueur is jealously guarded while it ages. The infusion and filtration processes take place in the subterranean cellars, where the alcohol is also stored and aged. The cellars were recently refurbished and were expanded from 4,880 sqm to 6,516 sqm, with the aim of doubling production over three years.

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