Bernina Express


Take a trip from Tirano to Saint Moritz with the Bernina Red Train, since 2008 a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You will come close to the Bernina mountain pass at 2253 metres asl, on a train that travels on the highest stretch of railway in the Alps, discovering magnificent, breath-taking scenery along a steep route,  with gradients reaching 70 per thousand! Climb aboard the Red Bernina Train and enjoy a journey  that starts in Tirano and then starts its uphill climb in Brusio, on the elegant helicoidal viaduct. It goes past Lake Poschiavo and continues to the panoramic point of Alp Grüm, 2091 metres asl with a view of the Palù glacier. Then on up to the Ospizio Bernina which offers a view of the Cambrena glacier. After this, the descent and amazing views of Morteratsch glacier and the Bernina mountain group, with its “sparkling four thousand” metres of eternal snow, through to St.  Moritz.