Bernina Express

From the vineyards of Valtellina to the glaciers of the Bernina massif: an incredible journey into the deep heart of the Alps - UNESCO World Heritage Site


Route of the Bernina Express

The Bernina Express starts its route from the town of Tirano and passes next to the majestic Basilica della Madonna di Tirano, which is considered one of the three most beautiful churches in Lombardy. After a few kilometres we reach one of the most impressive sites of our journey, the wonderful helical viaduct of Brusio.

After passing by Lake Poschiavo and the homonymous town with its typical patrician houses and historic buildings, our journey goes on until we get to the panoramic point of Alp Grüm at 2,091 m, where you can admire a breathtaking view of Valposchiavo. After crossing the White Lake, we reach the Bernina pass with the astonishing Morteratsch glacier and the mountain range of Pizzo Bernina, the only peak that reaches 4,000 m in the Central Alps.

From here, immersed in the peace and quiet of an enchanting landscape, the Red Train begins its descent towards the town of St. Moritz (1,775 m), the final destination of this unique journey.

When to go

The Bernina Express line travels all year round and is equipped with modern and comfortable panoramic carriages that allow you to enjoy the landscape around you with a 360-degree view, both in winter and summer.

In every season of the year, the landscape along the Bernina Express line boasts unique colours and panoramas. It is surely very evocative crossing the snowy mountains in winter, while in spring longer days, flower blooming and maybe even some sporadic snowfall offer amazing views. In summer it is possible to travel on the open cabriolet carriages that will let you breathe the pure alpine air and even spot some wild animals. Finally, autumn, with its brilliant colours and nuances, from red to orange and yellow, offers wonderful landscapes that look like paintings and will surely leave you speechless.

Winter, spring, summer and autumn, an emotion for every season on the Bernina Express line!

Info, rates and reservations

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