QC Bagni Vecchi Thermal Baths

Relaxation and wellness for over 2000 years


Situated in Valdidentro, in the heart of Upper Valtellina, QC Terme Bagni Vecchi are not to be missed. This spa resort has a beguiling ancient charm that was praised by Pliny the Elder, and Leonardo Da Vinci was also a fan.


Spending a day pampering yourself at Bagni Vecchi is like taking a step back in time

The ancient Bagni Romani section is the oldest area of the spa, with two side-by-side pools dug into the rock. The Bagni dell’Arciduchessa zone includes a "rustic" tub, cold plunge pool, decongestant steam bath, organic Alpine hay sauna, relaxation area and open-air tub. The Grotta sudatoria di San Martino is a natural steam bath circuit comprising two 50-m tunnels carved out of the rock. Inspired by the Middle Ages, the exquisite Bagni Medievali area is a detoxifying sauna circuit, while the Bagni Imperiali section offers a combination of spa treatments and relaxation areas.  


Whatever the season, what makes the Bagni Vecchi really magical is the big open-air pool and its stunning panoramic vistas of Bormio and surrounds. Relaxation was never easier in the warm thermal waters of this pool with views of the verdant Stelvio National Park. Alpine natives, such as the ibex, can even be spotted from this strategic viewpoint! 

Ancient charm, relaxation and history: QC Terme Bagni Vecchi are a slice of paradise!