QC Bagni Vecchi Thermal Baths


Pliny the Edler, who wrote about them in his famous book Naturalis Historia, was the first to write about the QC Terme Bagni Vecchi of Bormio.

Their oldest part is the Roman Baths: two large pools in a cave visited for more than two thousand years. The hot spa water which feeds them flows from one of the nine springs. The journey into history continues in the Archduchess'Baths, once reserved for the Archduchess of Austria. Then there is the sudatorium cave of San Martino, which goes more than 50 metres into the heart of the mountain until it reaches a hot spring. From the panoramic outdoor swimming pool on the top of the cliff the view is one that won't be forgotten. In winter the contrast between the heat of the water and the biting cold of the air is pleasant. The silence and the spell of the snow-covered landscape are in command.