Arts and Crafts

A piece of tradition and art from Valtellina


Hours and hours of hard work, a love of the land and a passion for age-old traditions have all contributed to the importance of Valtellina’s arts and crafts.

Artisanal products of Valtellina

Valtellina’s most famous artisanal product is the pezzotto, a colourful, hard-wearing mat made from strips of fabric that are hand-woven on wooden looms. A mix of cotton, wool, velvet and silk, the rags are transformed from a simple pieces of local cloth into original, refined furnishing accessories to take home as souvenirs from your holiday in splendid Valtellina. Go looking for the secrets of this ancient tradition in the most characteristic villages, in Ponte in Valtellina for example, or in Val d’Arigna, on the Orobic side, where the noble art of rag rugs is still handed down from one generation to the next. 

Pedü are the traditional cloth shoes that the people of Valmalenco wore up until the 1950s. Today, this quality artisanal product is manufactured using a mix of innovative and natural materials.

Pietra ollare, a variety of serpentinite with extremely high heat resistance, is extracted in Valmalenco and Valchiavenna. It is used to make lavecc, pots that are perfect for cooking stew, risotto, and sauces, as well as flat pioda, cooking slabs that are ideal for grilled meats. Piode , which are split from a schist variety of serpentinite, are also used as roofing tiles.