First World War's Itineraries


High mountain chains, the border between the Northern and Southern Alps, fortifications and mountain passes: discovering Valtellina means tracing paths of great historic importance. Choose excursions along the itineraries of the Great War, starting with the Stelvio Pass and then up to the top of Mount Scorluzzo, the most advanced point on the front under Austrian control. In an intermediate area, Le Rese Alte, you will find military parade grounds and barracks, and further up, the trenches. A strategic point in the area of the Stelvio is the Ablès Pass, used by Italian troops to combat and control Austrian presence on Mount Cristallo, while along the itinerary that goes from the IV Cantoniera dello Stelvio to Cancano, a happy combination of history, nature and hiking.  From Gavia to Pizzo di Vallumbrina, through to Cima Baviola and up to Monte delle Scale, a spectacular viewpoint over Bormio and upper Valtellina.