Running free on the best mountain tracks


Valtellina: endless opportunities for skyrunning enthusiasts

Skyrunning enthusiasts of all levels will find a suitable itinerary in Valtellina, from the easiest flat pedestrian and cycle paths to tracks that climb up to the Alpine passes.

The 114-km Sentiero Valtellina is gentle and relaxing. It follows the course of the Adda River from Colico to Bormio and is perfect for runners who enjoy long, asphalt trails. The cycle paths in Valchiavenna, Bormio, Valdidentro, Valfurva and Livigno are ideal for easy, mostly flat training.

Via dei Terrazzamenti, which winds half-way up the northern slopes of the valley, offers stunning vistas and alternates between moderately flat and climbing sections. The steep Sentiero Rusca, which starts in Sondrio and climbs up Muretto Pass and into Switzerland, is decidedly more rugged.  

Skyrace enthusiasts have no end of options in this mountainous region, with a host of trails that start down in the valley and climb up along the mountain ridges at thousands of metres above sea level, testing both mind and body. Val Masino is home to a leading skyrunning event, the Trofeo Kima, which covers 52 km, seven passes and has a total vertical climb of 8,400 m. 


9 February: Val di Mello Winter Trail (12 km, 300 m D+)
15 February: Teglio Sunset Winter Run (11 km, 520 m D+)

7 March: Madesimo Winter Trail (9 km, 300 m D+)

19 April: Colmen Trail in Morbegno (19,7 km, 1250 m D+)
26 April: Val Bregaglia Trail in Valchiavenna (42 km, 2758 m D+)

30 May: Valtellina Vertical Tube Race in Montagna in Valtellina (1 km along 2700 steps, 500 m D+)

6 June: Vertical Race in Aprica (1000 m D+)
14 June: Trail Run Alta Valtellina in Valdidentro (21 km, 710 m D+)
20 June: Livigno SkyMarathon (34 km, 2700 m D+)
20 June: Doppia W Ultra 60 in Tirano (70 km, 5100 m D+)

11 July: Pizzostellaskyrunning in Valchiavenna (35 km, 2650 D+)
17-18 July: VUT Valmalenco UltraTrail (90 km, 6000 m D+)
25 July: Stralivigno (21 km)

30 August: Energy2Run in Valdidentro (18 km, 160 m D+)
30 August: Kima Trophy in Val Masino (52 km, 8400 m D+)

4 October: Kilometro Vertical Lagunc (3,3 km, 1000 m D+)

7 November: Valtellina Wine Trail (42 km, 1731 m D+)