Valtellina is home to numerous spas and wellness centres


Terme di Bormio Spa

It is no coincidence that Bormio is known as #wellnessmountain, with three of the most picturesque spa centres in the Alps: Bormio Terme is ideal for families and is affiliated with the national health system. QC Terme Bagni Vecchi is centuries old and is known for its spectacular panoramic outdoor baths. Lastly, QC Terme Bagni Nuovi features open-air pools and baths and a large, sun-kissed garden. 

Not only relaxing, the Bormio spas are also prized for the health-giving properties of their waters, which gush from the spring at 37°C– 40°C.

Alpine Rest and Relaxation

Spas and much, much more! Unwind and immerse yourself in the unique paradise of Valtellina. In Livigno, for example, you’ll find Acquagranda Active You, one of the biggest resorts in Europe. It features four different areas where you can have fun, play sport, relax and recuperate. 

If taking time out in nature is your thing, why not try a relaxing forest-bathing walk or breathe away your worries while practising yoga in an idyllic natural setting.