Ski mountaineering


Valtellina, outstanding home of ski mountaineering, where great champions and enchanting places have made the ascents with climbing-skins pure emotion. Ski mountaineering is one of the purest alpine sports: skis, climbing skins and your body that sets the pace to be followed. You do not need to run; you choose your destination, either after one or five hour’s climb. You are your own master. Stop to admire the stately flight of an eagle or of a bearded vulture, try to listen to the melodies of the wind through the trees, raise your eyes to the blue sky and you will get into a new dimension of time and space. Do you think you are not able to? It is easy, you only need to let yourself  be led hand-in-hand by the experts such as mountain guides, mid-mountain couriers, ski instructors that will give you all the useful information in order to move safely on the mountains and will inject you the spirit of the mountains and how to experience them with a leading role. If you really love this sport and enjoy it with passion, Valtellina offers many events: from local competitions to the great happenings of the World Cup.