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The Aprica pass from Tresenda


Tresenda - Coma hamlet - Motta hamlet - Gizila locality - Hairpin bend - S. Cristina junction - Lera locality - hairpin bend - Aprica pass

Route technical data:

  • Total km: 13.2 km
  • Place and altitude of departure: Tresenda (375 m)
  • Place and altitude of arrival: Passo dell'Aprica (1176 m)
  • Total difference in height: 801 m
  • Average gradient: 6.1%

The climb of the Passo Aprica isn’t super challenging, but you can ramp up the intensity by beginning your ride with the ascent of Teglio before hitting Aprica. While it’s something of a regular in the Giro d’Italia, this wide road with sweeping hairpins does not tend to be a game-changer for the general classification. Roughly 12 km with an average gradient that just tips over 6%, there are signs that count down the distance as you approach the pass. The road is open to traffic and can be particularly busy on weekends, so ride carefully. On future visits when you’re feeling extra fit, try some of the road’s tougher variants and follow the turnings for Santa Cristina or San Rocco.

Altitude profile: