Nativity Scenes in the Villages

Pro Loco Talamona proposes a new edition of the "Nativity Scenes in the Villages"

WHERE Morbegno e dintorni
WHEN 23/12/2023 - 07/01/2024

In Valtellina homes nativity scenes are an essential part of Christmas. They lend joy and spirituality to the festivities. The Talamona Pro Loco is holding a seasonal exhibition entitled “I Presepi delle Contrade” (Nativity scenes in the villages) that spotlights these veritable works of Christmas art. Essentially, the unique pieces in I Presepi di Talamona serve to narrate the story of Christ’s birth according to traditional iconography, but they also have the power to stir consciences and raise spirits. Each year, this much-anticipated event amazes the many fans who flock to see the nativity scenes in Talamona.