Scarpatetti Arte

WHERE Sondrio e dintorni
WHEN 13/07/2024 - 14/07/2024

The Scarpatetti Arte Cultural Association is hosting the 26th edition of the famous “Scarpatetti Arte” art event. During the two-day event, the historic Scarpatetti neighbourhood in Sondrio is transformed into a veritable open-air exhibition space, with numerous works exhibited in the streets, courtyards, and traditional stone houses. 

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The neighbourhood of Scarpatetti, which is thought to have been named after a family from the Grison canton in Switzerland many generations ago, or from the dialectal word “sgarba tec” or “uncovers roofs”, is without a doubt the most well-preserved neighbourhood in Sondrio. From Piazza Quadrivio you can stroll through this picturesque corner of the town and up to Castel Masegra, which offers a spectacular view of the provincial capital. Rural architecture, internal courtyards and capitals honouring the Madonna, stonework and wooden railings combine to create a unique architectural landscape.