Valtellina Vertical Tube Race

The toughest kilometer in the world: 2.700 steps and 500 m of vertical gain!

WHERE Sondrio e dintorni
WHEN 06/04/2019

The Valtellina Vertical Tube Race, considered one of the hardest and most fascinating running race of the world, is back! Defined as the toughest kilometer in the world, the race is along 2.700 steps with a vertical gain of 500 m! The appointment is in Montagna in Valtellina, just 1 km from Sondrio.


Friday 5th april 2019
From 15:00 possibility of number pick up at shop Mazzucchi Sport via Mazzini 51, Sondrio

Saturday 6th april 2019
11:00: opening of the race office at the start of the tube Panoramica Rd.  Montagna in Valtellina (So)
13:00: start of the race (all women in alphabetical order following by all men in alphabetical order)  every 30”
16:30: start of elite women 
17:00: start of elite men 
18:30: prize giving ceremony

Program should be modified due to organizing need

Info and Registrations

Registrations are opening from February 1st to April 2nd
Maximum number of participants: 400

1 february - 8 february 20 €
8 february - 31 march 30 €
from April 1st 35 €

For more details and registrations, visit the official website of the event