The Family Bob

If you are looking for a fun activity for everyone, try the Family Bob in Valdidentro!


The Cima Piazzi Happy Mountain ski area offers a huge fun activity at the top of Isolaccia-Pian de la Monta gondola: the Family Bob, the only bob on rail in Lombardy. The family bob is a funny pastime and a great choiche for those that are not able to ski but also for those skiers that have skied all day long and they want to relax while having fun.

Thanks to a 300 meters automatic rising, you will enjoy a 600 meters descent from the top through the amazing alpine landscape. Furthermore, you can enjoy the family bob even in Summer!

Family Bob in Valdidentro: rates and conditions

The Family Bob is for anyone indeed: from 4 years old the smallest ones will use it with their parents to experience the mountain in another cool way; those that are taller then 120 cm will use the bob autonomously.

winter 2023/2024: THE RATES OF FAMILY BOB
1 race: from € 6.50
3 races: from € 17.50 
5 races: from € 24.50 

Round trip + 1 race: from € 20.50

*reduced: born after 2008


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