Mancapane Castle

One of the most interesting fortifications of the early middle ages in Valtellina


The Mancapane Castle (or Mancapane Tower) is located in Montagna in Valtellina, Immersed in the vegetation at an altitude of about 900 meters, near the Davaglione stream.

It is a typical example of an Alpine walled castle, formed by two elements, the tower and the walls surrounding it.

The castle’s main function was probably as a lookout point and signal tower, but if need be, it could also act as a defensive redoubt for a number of men and animals. There were parapets around the battlements, as can be seen by the traces left on the walls. The elevated entranceways through the walls and to the tower were on the south side and were equipped with retractable wooden staircases.

The tower’s embrasures, both slits and in the shape of a cross (for bows and crossbows, respectively) and facing in every direction, are still clearly visible. Its name may be derived from “Catapani”, a contraction of the aristocratic house of De Capitani.

how to reach the mancapane castle

The Mancapane castle is near via Benedetti, in Montagna in Valtellina (about 20 minutes by car from Sondrio)