Church of San Giovanni Battista


CONTACT: Via Don Romeo Ballerini, 5 23021 Campodolcino Tel. 034350118

DIRECTIONS: the church can easily be reached from Chiavenna, taking state road No. 36 (SS36) to Madesimo. The church is located on the right, just before the Roman bridge in Campodolcino and across from the Tourist Office (altitude 1090 m).


The Parish Church of Campodolcino was consecrated in 1528 and is dedicated to St. John the Baptist. While it already existed in the fifteenth century, the church was enlarged, renovated and modified to create the present structure, which features a nave and two side aisles. The interior contains several important works, like the two eighteenth century carved wood altars, the main altar and the altar of the Crucifix.

Luigi Guanella, who was canonized by Pope Benedict XVI on 23 October 2011, was baptized in this church on 20 December 1842 by his cousin Don Gaudenzio Bianchi. He was baptized in the same baptismal font that is still there today, which was located in a niche on the left side of the church at that time.