Church of San Maurizio


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the Parish Church of San Maurizio is located in Ponte in Valtellina, in the centre of the historic village


The date when the Church of San Maurizio was originally constructed is unknown, but a few inscriptions attest to expansion projects in 1347. In 1460, the façade was completed by Jacopo Corti di Valsolda. He was responsible for creating the Venetian Gothic marble portal, which has a fresco of the Virgin and Child and St. Maurice by Bernardino Luini in the lunette. The southern part contains a fresco of St. Christopher (fifteenth-sixteenth century), a sundial and a small portal with the crests of the Quadrio family and the village of Ponte. A Lombard Romanesque bell tower (fourteenth century) stands to the right of the apse. The interior has a nave and two side aisles decorated with exquisite frescoes. Above the main altar, there is an elegant chiselled bronze ciborium (1578). The first altar to the right, enclosed by a lovely wrought iron railing, contains a beautiful carved, gilded and painted wood altarpiece (fifteenth century).