Church of San Rocco


CONTACT: Fraciscio 23021 Campodolcino Tel. 034350145

DIRECTIONS: the church can easily be reached from Chiavenna, taking state road No. 36 (SS36) to Madesimo. After the parish church of Campodolcino, turn right until the road branches. Head to the left towards Fraciscio, where, after a few switchbacks, the church is located (altitude 1340 m).


The church dates back to 1474, when a chapel dedicated to St. Roch was built. That structure’s chancel is now the altar of Our Lady of Mount Carmel. Since 1500, the chapel underwent many modifications. Additions include the main body of the church, the altar of St. Anthony (now of St. Luigi Guanella), and the main altar with two side rooms and the sacristy. The bell tower was built in 1798 while in 1879 the clock was added. The church’s patron is St. Roch, a French saint, who protects plague victims and whose feast day is 16 August. The co-patron is St. Sebastian, a Christian martyr whose feast day is 20 January. The church does not contain artwork of particular value. The sacristy holds a few chasubles and chalices, a cross and a wooden tabernacle, while the interior has a sculpture of Don Guanella, which is the recent work of a sculptor from Ortisei. In the 1960s, a few frescoes narrating the life of the saint were painted on the ceiling by the artist Conconi from Como. They appear alongside earlier frescoes that depict episodes of the Gospel.