Church of the Trasfigurazione


CONTACT: San Sisto Starleggia (parish of Campodolcino)

DIRECTIONS: the church can be reached from Chiavenna, taking state road No. 36 (SS36) towards Madesimo. After arriving in Campodolcino, continue towards Isola. At the camping area, take the road headed towards Starleggia where, after climbing a few switchbacks, the church is located (altitude 1565 m).


The Scaramella and Barilani families donated the land needed to build the church, which was consecrated on 6 August 1613. Two side chapels, dedicated to Our Lady of the Rosary and St. Anthony of Padua, were added in 1704. The first was built at the expense of a generous knight named Giampàolo Gadina de’Torriani, a resident of San Lorenzo di Chiavenna. This same patron donated the painting depicting San Sixtus adoring the transfigured Christ on Mount Tabor. Restored in 1893, the church measures 5 m by 11.50 m. The most recent restoration of the church took place in 1978.

Elderly residents of Starleggia tell how someone always minded the San Sixtus Bell Tower to alert the village in the event of danger. There was also a smaller bell to the west of San Sixtus, near the so-called custom-house of the bridge between Alpe Morone and Alpe Ca’Togni. The pealing of the two bells provided a signal of danger that local residents could easily recognize.