Parish Church of San Martino


CONTACT: the church is open every day from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm. For more information: Tirano Tourist Office Tel. +39 0342 706066 -

DIRECTIONS: the church is located in the historic centre of Tirano and can be reached by car. 


While the church already existed by the tenth century, it was entirely remodelled in the seventeenth century. In the early twelfth century, the nave was enlarged due to a need for more space. The church retained its medieval structure until it was renovated during the Baroque period. The north façade has a beautiful Gothic portal with a lancet arch. The bell tower (1479) is in the Romanesque style and has eight orders of openings, with an increasing amount of open space towards the top of the tower. The façade dates from 1874 and was designed by the architect Maciacchini. It features two granite columns in “pietra gallina” from Verona and two terra cotta spheres on the porch. The interior has a nave and two side aisles, with four chapels on each side. Above the portal, there is a superb organ built by Serassi (1851-52), while the wind-chest was designed by Count Ulisse Salis from Tirano. The chapel contains remarkably beautiful paintings by famous artists.