Hike to Frasnedo

An easy adventure to Frasnedo in Valle dei Ratti


A charming spot in Valle dei Ratti, Frasnedo sits at an elevation of 1,287 metres. It can be reached directly from Verceia, or by driving up and parking where the road ends at the same elevation of the Tracciolino and then paralleling the Ratti stream. You’ll need a permit to drive up to Valle dei Ratti, which you can find in most places in Verceia.

If you want to extend the hike from the mountain hut in Frasnedo, there’s a gentle incline that slopes further into the valley towards Corveggia (1,221 metres), where there are some stables and a bridge over the bottom of the valley. It rises on the other side along a wide, winding track up to Alpe Nave (1,454 metres). Higher up, ignore the signs for the Rifugio Primalpia and stay on the trail as it traverses the mountainside, still climbing gently. You’ll re-enter the trees and join another wide track all the way to the huts at Alpe Lavazzo (1,560 metres), which sits on this natural terrace within Val Codogno.

Hike to Frasnedo

Start: Verceia 
Finish: Frasnedo https://www.rifugiofrasnedo.com/ 
Duration: 2h from Verceia to Frasnedo | 1h Tracciolino to Frasnedo | 1h from Frasnedo to Lavazzo 
Difficulty: touristic

For more info contact the InfoPoint of Chiavenna: www.valchiavenna.com | tel. 0343 37485