Lake Emet – Piz Spadolazzo


TYPE: difficult hike 

DURATION: 4 hours

ELEVATION CHANGE: 1,200 metres 

TARGET USERS: expert hikers

PERIOD: from June to October 


The basin that contains Lake Emet is located to the north of Madesimo. To reach it, go through the entire town until the road ends in a small parking area. The trail begins a little further ahead. The climb is gentle at first but gradually becomes steeper. Before reaching the lake you pass in front of the Bertacchi Mountain Hut, which looms above at an altitude of 2,192 metres. The area is dominated by pastures and there are sweeping views of the valley’s peaks. After taking a brief break, continue to Piz Spadolazzo, a peak that rises more than 500 metres above the mountain hut. From the Bertacchi Mountain Hut, go round the lake and follow the trail that is well-marked with white and red CAI markers. After climbing the scree-covered final stretch you reach the summit, where you can sign the book located in the box under the cross. Take the same trail to descend.