Val Belviso - Lakes of Torena

No insurmountable climbs but a whole lot of fascination: the walk to the Lakes of Torena is a real crowd-pleaser. From postcard-perfect landscapes with pretty little lakes that ratchet up the environmental appeal, rock carvings on the shores of Lago Nero that cater to history buffs, right through to the high likelihood of spotting deer or ibex in this hunting district, Val Belviso can win favour with everyone.

TREKKING IN VAL BELVISO to the lakes of torena: the route

Starting at Ponte Frera (1,373 m), follow signs for the Torena lakes on a trail numbered 317. A mule track turns off from the road, dipping into dense woods with birch, ash and fir trees and starts to climb almost immediately. After a while you’ll pass a water fountain and the track narrows, turning into more of a path as it continues to rise through thicker spruce woods up to the clearing of Malga Fraitina at an elevation of 1,698 metres. Turn around and glance back at the huge Belviso Lake, where your walk started as it spreads out over the valley floor.

The path heads back between the trees to the right, passing the Casa di Caccia, a hunting lodge at 1,916 metres run by the Val Belviso-Barbellino wildlife farm. Turn left again and stick with the gentle climb. Instead of turning left to Malga Pila, you’ll exit the treeline and reach a rocky plateau of glacial origin. Get ready because here’s where the sight of Lago Nero at 2,036 metres will suddenly come into view.

Prehistoric rock carvings have been discovered in this rocky landscape, with its mirror-like lake sitting in the centre and a distinctive little island emerging from its dark waters. Even if prehistoric times had been significantly warmer, the only realistic notion that scholars have for justifying why earlier humans may have trekked up to this remote, high-altitude spot would have been because this location fulfilled all the attributes needed to give it symbolic value.

info about the route

START: Frera Dam
FINISH: Lakes of Torena
LENGTH: 4 Km 102 m 
CLIMB: 742 m 
PERIOD: may - october