Troi da li Tea


TYPE: tourist hike

DURATION: 1 h 47 min

DISTANCE: 2.4 km


TARGET USERS: families

PERIOD: from early June to late September

Start from P14 Pònt Lònch. Take Trail N190 to the right, which climbs gently and crosses the entire western side of the Livigno Valley. The path marks the border between the privately owned fields planted with forage crops and the public land, which is generally wooded and punctuated by old summer shelters for shepherds known as tée. Many of these structures have been renovated and are found scattered along the route or amidst groups of houses. Before reaching Tée dal Pél, you pass the inviting Téa da Borch refreshment area. You can also descend to Plaza Plachéda or climb to the Carosello 3000 refreshment area. The trail continues midway up the hill towards Téa da Rin, where you can descend to the town of Livigno at Via Rin by taking Trail N193 or continue towards Téa dal Plàn, where you can descend towards Téa da Plazec and the P3 Ponte Calcheira parking area at the entrance to the Fedària Valley.