Vittorio Sella Glaciological Trail


TYPE: tourist hike

DURATION: 1 hour to the Gerli and Ventina mountain huts. 1 h 30 min to the glacier.

ELEVATION CHANGE: 350 m to the mountain huts, 250 m to the front of the glacier

TARGET USERS: families/students

PERIOD: from June to October


The trail begins in Chiareggio and descends to the bridge over the Mallero Stream. After crossing the stream, it climbs gently through the conifer woodland, making a wide curve as it enters the Ventina Valley. The trail passes through a fragrant fir and larch woodland punctuated by small valleys and diagonally crosses a stony area before reaching Alpe Ventina. The glaciological trail begins at Alpe Ventina and reaches the front of the glacier after about 1.5 hours of walking. Plaques placed along the trail explain the different stages of the Ventina Glacier’s retreat.

The Vittorio Sella Glaciological Trail is a ring route at the base of the Ventina Valley. It ascends along the right hydrographic bank, following the normal route to the glacier marked with small white and red flags, and descends on the opposite side of the valley. Plaques placed along the trail on both the uphill and downhill sections enable visitors to identify the moraine left by the glacier between the Little Ice Age (1550 – 1850) and the present day and also observe the different positions of the glacier’s front during its gradual retreat.