Gola Up

A spectacular mountaineering circuit in the gorges of the Scerscen river


Gola Up mountaineering circuit in Campo Franscia offers tonnes of fun and even more excitement! The circuit starts with a 40-metre abseil down a rock face and then continues along fixed lines and zip-lines with short stretches to be covered on foot or by easy climbing. It finishes on the banks of the river near a dike, from where you turn left and back on to the access path.

Gola Up: equipment and requirements

good mountaineering training
1 via ferrata set
1 double inline pulley
2 x 50 m cords
1 multiuse belay
1 helmet
1 pair of gloves

Useful information

Gola Up operates in a natural environment that is potentially dangerous. The waters can rise rapidly and the circuit should be avoided when the river is full (e.g. Thursday mornings when the dam is opened) and after storms. One person at a time should use the zip line. 

There are two emergency exits on the circuit. Both are signposted and are on the right. All climbers use Gola Up at their own risk. 

It is recommended that all users be accompanied by a qualified mountain guide.