Special Offers of Bernina Express Line


The Bernina Express, part of the UNESCO World Heritage List, is the highest section of railway in the Alps and it connects Valtellina and Engadina along a spectacular route.  From Tirano to St. Moritz, passing near the Bernina Pass at 2.253 m above sea level, the Bernina Express offers scenic views and amazing landscapes. An incredible experience, perfect for the whole family!


On the first Sunday of every month, families (maximum two adults and two children up to 16 years, at least one adult and one child) can travel 2nd class in all graubündenPASS zones for the special price of CHF 29.00 for the whole family. 

The offer is valid on the following dates:
1 January 2023
5 February 2023
5 March 2023
2 April 2023
7 May 2023
4 June 2023
2 July 2023
6 August 2023
3 September 2023
1 October 2023
5 November 2023
3 December 2023

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Tirano-St- Moritz return ticket, lunch included, at the special price of € 99*!

The offer is valid from February 1st to March 26th, 2023

* The price could be slightly different according to the exchange rate. The lunch (salad and Rösti with speck, drinks are not included) could be consumed in one of the affiliated restaurants located in St. Moritz.

It is recommended to make the reservation here