Skiing in Chiesa in Valmalenco

50 km of pistes for all levels with unparalleled views in the heart of the Alps 


Take to the slopes in the Valmalenco ski area, where you’ll find 50 km of ski runs centred around Alpe Palù and reachable on the ultra-modern Snow Eagle gondola with its 160-person capacity. The Thoeni run is a must-do with gradients up to 55%.

Other than skiing, Valmalenco is also a great place for snowboarding. Palù Park is a hit on the winter sports scene, hosting regular World Cup competitions and featuring two specific areas with jump lines, rails and box features galore.  Head to Palù Park 1 for the jump line featuring an 11 metre jump followed by a 9 metre funbox, and Palù Park 2 for a rail line that ends with a 7 metre funbox.

prices of the SKIPASS VALMALENCO 2023/2024

Opening of the lifts: on Friday, December 1st, 2023


Info Ski Area Valmalenco

Altitude: from 1500 m to 2336 m
Ski lifts: 9
Si runs: 50 km (3 black runs, 7 red runs, 4 blue runs e 4 green runs)
Artificial snow: 40 km



  1. Scuola Sci & Snowboard Valmalenco

    Loc. Alpe Palù
    Chiesa in Valmalenco
    Tel: +39 0342 451409

  2. Enjoyski School

    Loc. Alpe Palù
    Chiesa in Valmalenco
    Tel: +39 331 8727857

Societa Impianti

  1. Funivia al Bernina F.A.B. S.r.l

    fraz. Vassalini
    Chiesa in Valmalenco
    Tel: +39 0342 451284

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