Valdisotto (1139 m a.s.l.)  was an ancient and strategic military passage due to its position (visit the Forte Venini) and it remained under the Grisons’ domination up to 1797 together with Bormio. Today Valdisotto shares the ski runs and lifts of the  Vallecetta with Bormio, and the ones of the mount San Colombano with the Valdidentro becoming in this way part of one of the most important ski area of the province of Sondrio. Bormio and Valdidentro have their hot healing waters, while Valdisotto produces one of the most famous mineral water in the world: the Levissima. Here nature is supreme and intense as it was rocked by the natural disaster of 1987. Despite this calamity, the landscape and the environment have regained all their charm even though they have changed a lot. Skiing and nature within the Natural Reserve of the Paluaccio, but also a refined alpine culture. The Romanesque church of S. Bartolomeo de Castelàz is worth visiting with its three interesting paintings and the archaeological excavations that brought to light the foundations of the original apse. In Cepina visit the parish church of the Assunta and the adjoining charnel house of the Eighteenth Century, which is decorated with the frescos by Pietro Ligari, the parish church of Santa Maria Maddalena whith a triptych of the 1590 by C. Valorsa and the church of Santa Lucia with the frescos by the Valorsa.

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Food and drink

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