Festival of Crotti

WHERE Chiavenna e dintorni
WHEN 31/08/2024 - 08/09/2024

Inaugurated in far-off 1956, this wine and food initiative has over the years taken its place as one of the most important and looked forward to events in the whole province of Sondrio.

The spectacular natural theatres of the fair are the Crotti themselves, natural cellars characterised by the “sorel” (from the dialect “sorà”, to ventilate), which is to say a natural draught of air through the rocks which maintains a temperature of 4 to 8 degrees Celsius throughout the year. Used as actual “no cost fridges”, with the building of a wall the Crotti over the centuries have become guardians of the territory’s good food and wine.

The Crotti Fair positively exploits precisely these gems of Valchiavenna through dedicated gastronomic itineraries, known as “Andem a Crot”, in the streets of Chiavenna, a “slow” town par excellence. Furthermore, during the Festival of Crotti, some private Crotti open their doors only for this special occasion!

Festival of crotti's program

You can participate at the Festival of Crotti in two ways:


MAKE A ROUTE on foot or by bike

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